IEA EBC - Annex 94 - Validation and Verification of In-situ Building Energy Performance Measurement Techniques

An IEA EBC Annex is proposed to provide a network of experts and facilities to study the methods of measuring the Heat Transfer Coefficients of dwellings. 

These activities will provide datasets and findings to accelerate the development of measurement methods, a methodology by which they are deemed to be valid and consensus on the approaches for calculating uncertainty. It will generate a database of real measured buildings and calibrated energy models, and where new and improved methods of HTC measurement can be developed virtually. A specific focus will be applied to the potential applications  of these methods, and the requirements on them to meet user demand. Translating HTC results to actionable insights will also be investigated through the study of investigative techniques to disaggregate the HTC, to allow the performance gap issues to be studied in further detail.

The most challenging and valuable part of the proposed annex will be the collection of a large dataset across the globe of typical dwellings, under differing climates, this will enable the development of measurement techniques for cooling dominated climates; currently the research is concentrated primarily on heating dominated climates.

Annex Info & Contact

Status: Ongoing (2024 - 2028)

Operating Agents

Prof. David Allinson
Loughborough University

Prof. Cliff Elwell
University College London

Prof. Richard Fitton
University of Salford

Annex Events

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